The Wireless Transmitter, when powered by a Redstone signal, will power all Wireless Receivers on the same frequency in your loaded chunk. 
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When right clicked, this GUI will appear.
208px-Wireless gui
You may assign any frequency up to 5000 and multiple devices may run on the same frequency.

Transmitter GUI You may also assign a name to a particular frequency which can be double clicked from any other device to set the frequency.

If you have any kind of lumar in your inventory, you may assign a color to the frequency/name with the spectrum option. Click Phase Shift to select the color.


Crafting GUI.png

Wireless Transceiver

Obsidian Stick

Stone Wafer

Stone Wire

Stone Wire

Wireless Transmitter


  • A nearby Wireless Jammer will make a transmitter stop emitting it's signal, as will a REP.
  • The wireless transmitter has an infinite range, as long as both chunks are loaded.
  • It may also send signals to more than one receivers
  • When placed the Wireless Transmitter performs an animation in which it spins in circles. This animation is also used by the Wireless Reciever.


  • It has been found to activate a Wireless Jammer which will stop it, the power stops so the Wireless Jammer stops and the transmiter starts again. This can crash slow computer/severs
  • Clicking with the middle mouse button on this block will corrupt your world. To test whether it will or not crash you make a new world, spawn a Transmitter in and click with middle button.

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