The Wireless Remote is a tool added by Wireless Redstone. When set to a frequency and used (by right-clicking), the Wireless Remote will activate all Wireless Receivers on its frequency. To set the frequency of the Wireless Remote, place a Wireless Transmitter, sneak, and right-click it with the Wireless Remote selected in the hotbar.

WRemote GUI

The GUI of the Wireless Remote, when used on a Wireless Transmitter. Note the presence of White Lumar in the GUI. The Wireless Remote would be colored white in this instance.

Wireless Remotes can be colored using Lumar. To set, have the desired color of Lumar in your inventory, sneak and right click on a Wireless Transmitter as normal, open the Advanced GUI, and under the Spectrum option, select the desired color and click the "Phase Shift" button. The Phase Shift button will only work if the Wireless Remote and the Wireless Transmitter are already set to the same frequency. When colored, all Wireless Remotes and Wireless Transmitters on that frequency will use the same color.


Crafting GUI.png

Wireless Transceiver


Wireless Remote

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