The Wind Mill is an Industrial Craft 2 generator. Wind Mills generate a variable amount of EU depending on their height and the weather patterns of the world. In optimal conditions, a Wind Mill will produce up to 4 EU/t.

The amount of EU the Wind Mill generates is determined by its effective height, which is theoretically equal to its height in the world. The higher in the world the Wind Mill is placed, the more EU it will generate; Y>180 and Y<230 produces the best results. Any block, even non-solid ones, placed around the Wind Mill in a 9x9x7 space count as obstructions and will lower the effective height of the Wind Mill by 1. Wind Mills produce 50% more EU during thunderstorms, and 20% more EU when it's merely raining.

The GUI of the Wind Mill features only a single slot. Tools and batteries can be placed in it to recharge them.


Crafting GUI.png






Wind Mill

Raw Materials
8 Grid Cobblestone Cobblestone
9 Grid Iron Iron Ingot
3 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
4 Grid Tin Tin
3 Grid Copper Copper
6 Grid Rubber Rubber
2 Grid Redstone Redstone

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