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The Water Mill produces EU by having a Water Bucket or Water Cell placed in its lower slot, or being placed in a body of water.


Crafting GUI.png


Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks


Water Mill


Total Raw Materials (Furnace, Iron Furnace, Generator Route)
8 Grid Cobblestone Cobblestone
5 Grid Iron Iron
3 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
4 Grid Tin Tin
0.5 Grid Copper Copper
1 Grid Rubber Rubber
2 Grid Redstone Dust Redstone Dust
4 Grid Wooden Planks Wooden Planks
4 Grid Stick Stick


Water Mills need water to produce EU. This can can be done in a couple of ways. You can feed the mill with Water Buckets or Water Cells, known as manned mode. Or you can place it in a body of water to passively generate power, known as unmanned mode. Then either place an RE Battery in the upper slot or connect the Water Mill to an EU storage device with cabling.

Water Mill internal tank can hold up to four buckets worth of water, with a fifth in its lower slot. One bucket of water will power a Water Mill for about 25 seconds, generating 1,000 EU.

The Water Mill will  produce power at a rate of 1 EU/t (manned) or 0.01 EU/t per block of adjacent water (unmanned). The maximum output of one unmanned Water Mill is 0.25EU/t (3x3x3 cube of running water with the mill in the middle, plus 1 piece of cable to direct the energy = 25 water tiles).

Since their maximum output is 1EU/t, they work well with Tin Cables, which are cheap, have low energy losses and can tolerate up to 5 EU/t. Water Mills are a simple way to generate a small amount of EU, and are recommended for starting players due to their low cost.


  • Water Mills can 'share' the same water block.
  • Using flowing water instead of still water actually works.
  • A Water Mill suspended over water will still react to the water below it even though the watermill may not be visibly touching the water.


Input Water Buckets


1 EU/t (manned mode, consumed water item)

Number of water blocks x 0.01 EU/t (unmanned mode)

Storage 2 EU

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