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Countering Power Armor

Hello, i've been playing in a moderatley friendly PVP enabled nongriefing SMP server in Tekkit Lite. I noticed that quite a few of the older members have some power armor(I have a fully fledged set myself). I'm not a very PVP oriented guy, but i did notice some people settle near our moderatley sized town(Towny plugin, of course)One of them is fully decked out with some power armor too, and there is another person who isn't really that rich, but likes to attack players on sight(I will assume he is going to get a set too). Both are pretty friendly, but i suspect they might backstab me. Or maybe somebody who is not so friendly will move in. I've been practicing with my friend(we both have power armor) and none of us came below than just 3/4 health. That worried me for a bit, because basically according to the practice session, i can't fight Power Armor with Power Armor very effectively, so i'm here asking for any known counters.

I know power armor can be customizable, so i understand that your ideas could possibly not work with all types. But below this i'll present some power armor customizations, and maybe you could suggest what to use against them. I will only list modules that help protection, power, movement, survivability and vision.

Set 1:

Note: This is my own power armor customizations, if you can, present counters to the counter you just created, so that i can counter those counters.(I wanted to make a Yo-Dawg meme on counters, but Meme Generator simply isn't working for me D: Cookies for somebody who can make one on counters)


Vision: Nightvision | Transparent Armor

Protection: Energy Shields(Max)

Power: Solar Generator

Movement: Flight Computer


Armor: Energy Shields(Max)

Power: Elite Battery(Max)

Movement: Glider | Parachute | Jetpack(Max)


Power: Elite Battery(Max) | Kinetic Generator(Max)

Movement: Everything except swim boost

Protection: Energy Shields(Max)


Protection: Energy Shields(Max)

Movement: Jetboots | Shock Absorber

Power Tool

Offensive: Meele Assist | Railgun (The plasma cannon is quite easy to dodge.)

Movement: Blink Drive.

Set 2-???:

From here on you can suggest other power armor customizations and possible counters for them. Be creative :D

Also please do consider enchanted equipment. I am building an enderman xp/enderpearl farm and i don't want it to go to waste.

Or if i'm really dumb and there was already a post or article of the same topic, please redirect me to said post.

(This is also my first blog post on this wiki :D)

ChippedChapSupportsTheRenamingofRailGunstoRailFUNs (talk) 02:13, August 19, 2014 (UTC)

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