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Horizontal frame quarry

8x8 Horizontal frame quarry

There are lots of different ways to mine on a large scale in tekkit lite, my favorite one is the horizontal frame quarry. It is very fast, doesn't require eu or MJ, has'nt a problem with liquids, is easy scalable and once it is set up, it works indefinitely. So lets build it.



Block Breaker Frames

Wall of Block Breaker and Redstone Tube Frames

First you need to build it on that level where you want it to mine. It knows only one direction: Forward.

If you have your location, you can build a wall of Block Breakers with Redstone Tube Frames behind them.

The next thing we wanna do is supply power.  That's rather difficult, because on level 10 won't be any sunlight to power our Solar Panels . So we have to build a blulectric remote power core. Because it isn't possible to teleport Blutricity directly, we have to transport them with BT Battery and an Ender Chest

Remote Power Core

Remote Redpower Power Core

The Set up looks like this:

Now you put one full BT Battery in the Retriever and an empty battery in the filter.

If you want it loaded, you should add a World Anchor nearby.

The power reciver on the Quarry look similar, the only difference is, that there are no Solar Panels and you feed the battery from th bottom. You should also play covers between the components and the Redstone Frame Tubes It should look like that: 

Power on the Quarry

As you can see, I use the same timer for the Block Breaker.

Of course you have to put the empty batteries into the Retriever and the full into the Filter .

Frame motors
Now we can put our Frame Motors on top of that. Both arrows have to point in the moving direction as shown here.

Because the Frame Motor on top has two possible position, we should power both of them.

The next thing are our redstone signals. 

Before we apply a signal we should check, if every block is next to a Support Frame . NOTE: If you have placed a cover on top of Support Frame , it won't hold it.

Redstone set up
I prefer a set up like this:

On The right side we see an Invert Cell and a Timer , so it has a nearly constant redstone signal. 

The Other Frame Motor is next to a timer which we can stop with a lever or a Wireless Receiver . NOTE: it is low active it is recommended to apply a signal when working on it.

Finaly cover the Frame Motors with Support Frames , so that Gravel or Sand won't be a problem. The support Frame shouldn't touch the upper Frame Motor . Place somewere a Dimensional Anchor  and an Ender Chest. Now you can cover every side of the Support Frames that doesn't hold anything with Covers and your Quarry is ready to go. 


  • The Frame Motor part is approximately 60 blocks, so you can use up to 470 Block Breaker per Quarry when the limit is activated
  • You should have a sorting system that can handle very large amounts of Blocks or you can store with Applied Energetics.
  • The shown images may not be accurate, but the functionality is far more important ;)

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