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Extractor module+Ender chest?

  • Is it normal that an extractor module doesn´t extract items from an ender chest?

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    • 2013-06-05 13.26.52
      I just tested this for you, and I can confirm that it isn't normal at all. The Chassis attached to the standard Chest is Extracting items from the Ender Chest just fine.
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    • wich mudules do you have in the pipes?

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    • Extractor and ItemSink in the Chassis attached to the target chest, with the Default Route set to 'Yes' and the Items requested listed in the Filters, and the Extractor set to the direction the Providing chest is from the target chest (North, East, South, West). The Chassis attached to the providing chest only has an Extractor Module in, with the same config as the Extractor Module in the target chest.

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    • Add a QuickSortModule to the Input-Chest. That'll work fine!

      And maybe you'll test the Polymorphic ItemSink instead of the ItemSink, because its much usefuller for chest which should store many different item. (Thats just a suggestion for better usability)

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    • To be quite honest, everything I've said is the limit of my knowledge on Logistics! Even took me a while to get just this right. As for the rest of the Logistics Pipes, I have not a clue.

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    • A Fandom user
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