The Tesla Range Upgrade is an upgrade machine used in conjunction with an Industrial Tesla Coil.

When connected to an Industrial Tesla Coil it will increase the effective range of the coil by 10 blocks in every direction. 

Range upgrades, like all other Industrial Tesla Coil upgrades, can be chained together and near-infinitely expanded by the use of an Upgrade Multiplexer. E.g. chaining 5 of these through an upgrade multiplexer will increase the default range of the coil from 16 blocks to 66 (16 base + 50 upgrade) in every direction.

By default the Industrial Tesla Coil will max out at a radius of 100 blocks, but this can be changed in the mod's configuration file.


Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Uninsulated Copper Cable

Uninsulated Copper Cable

Redstone Torch

Machine Block

Uninsulated Copper Cable

Refined Iron

Uninsulated Copper Cable

Uninsulated Copper Cable

Tesla Range Upgrade


Use caution when eagerly applying these to your Industrial Tesla Coil. Inadvertently parking a range upgraded coil on top of a cave network can result in a massive power drain as well as a ton of floating mob items.


222px 222px

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