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The Solar Boiler produces Steam which is used to power Steam Turbines.


The Solar Boiler requires Water and Sunlight.

Water can be piped in but the Solar Boiler is also able to suck water in if placed above an infinite water source (2x2).

Sunlight can be only consumed through use of Reflective Mirrors which will point in the nearest Solar Boiler's direction.

Solar Boilers can also be stacked on top of each other. Steam will be sent to the topmost boiler, and water will be shared in between.

Steam will be sent to a Steam Turbine if it's placed on top of the Solar Boiler. Alternatively, a Liquid Pipe may be placed on top of the boiler, and it will transport Steam, which can be pumped into a tank.
Redstone signal on the boiler will prevent it from sucking up water. A Redstone signal on the turbine will stop it.



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