The Scuba Helmet is a Armor Piece from IndustrialCraft2. While it only provides half of an armor point when worn, it has special effects.

  1. It will automatically consume a Compressed Air Cell from the player's inventory when the player's breath bubbles drops down to 4 (or less). The player's breath bubbles will then be filled back up to ten, leaving an Empty Cell as waste.
  2. When worn in conjunction with the Hazmat Suit, Hazmat Suit Leggings, and Rubber Boots, it provides protection from environmental dangers such as Fire, Lava, Nuclear Reactors, and other effects.

Note: If there are no Compressed Air Cells in the player's inventory when the player's Breath Bubbles reach zero, the Scuba Helmet's durability will drop rapidly.


Crafting GUI.png



Orange Dye


Iron Bars



Scuba Helmet

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