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Scaffolding is an inexpensive building block used to aid in construction, allowing you to easily climb amongst your work. When placed, you can climb up and down it as you would a ladder, on all four sides. It also collapses when a block below it is broken, making cleanup after your construction done easier and faster. Scaffolding is also used in Brewing, as Empty Booze Barrels must be placed down on Scaffold blocks. It is important in the use of the CF Sprayer. The Sturdier Iron Scaffold currently cannot be used with a CF sprayer.


Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks





Right-clicking places a scaffold block and left-clicking places a scaffold block on top of the stack. When you want to break the scaffold, you can break the bottom block and all the scaffolds attached to it break as well.

Scaffolds can be built as high as world height limit. However, they only can be two blocks out from the source column.  This distance can be increased by rightclicking sticks onto the scaffold you want to extend. You can get these back when you break the scaffold as mentioned above.

Scaffolds are a very efficient source of fuel for furnaces , and should always be used over wooden planks as a fuel. 3 pieces of oak wood can be made into 12 wooden planks, providing energy to smelt 8 items. However, for a more effecient supply of fuel for generators, 60 planks can be crafted into 192 scaffold blocks, more than doubling the EU expected from 60 wooden planks. It should be noted that smelting charcoal from 64 wooden planks is actually less effecient than using 64 wooden planks to smelt items. Flip


  • Wooden Scaffolding will not mix with Iron Scaffolding.
  • Wooden Scaffolding flammable.
  • Unlike ladders, shift-clicking while on a Scaffold will not hold your vertical position: rather you will "climb" down at the standard pace.

Videos :

German Tuturial Tekkit 59 scaffold02:47

German Tuturial Tekkit 59 scaffold

Most efficient TekkitLite wood energy generator system using scaffolds!-105:23

Most efficient TekkitLite wood energy generator system using scaffolds!-1


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