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Rubber Wood Block

Rubber Wood, showing Sticky Resin

Rubber Wood is the component of Rubber Trees. It can be extracted into one Rubber. Sometimes, Rubber Wood blocks have a Resin Hole. Right clicking the spot with a Treetap will produce 1-3 Sticky Resin, which can be smelted into 1 Rubber each in any furnace or extracted in an Extractor into 3 Rubber. Be aware that right clicking an empty (dark) Resin Hole may produce extra Resin, but is very likely to permanently remove the Resin Hole. Therefore, it is advised to be careful when extracting Sticky Resin. The wood also has a small chance to drop the Resin when it is being chopped down, but this is not very productive without a supply of Rubber Tree Saplings.

Rubber Trees are rare compared to the normal assortment of flora in Minecraft. They are, however, much easier to find within Swamp Biomes. Like all other trees, they are impossible to find in Desert Biomes. Rubber trees have dark coloured wood, like Pine, with bright leaves similar to Birch, and have a unique 'wing' in the leaf pattern. It is easier to locate Rubber Trees from a high point as they are identifiable due to a column of three leaves on the top of the tree, this is very helpful when in a forest biome and there are many different trees.

Shears will not break the Rubber Tree leaf block instantly, but it will drop the leaf block after it's done breaking. To destroy the leaves quickly and have them drop as blocks, use the chainsaw.



Wooden Planks


Empty Booze Barrel

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