Rubber Tree
Rubber Trees are trees which have dark logs and light leaves. They are hard to find, but are more common in Swamp biomes. These trees are easy to spot with their unique "spike" on their leaf design. Their wood (Rubber Wood) is special and has resin deposits that may be right-clicked on with a Treetap (wooden or electric) to obtain Sticky Resin.

When used with an Extractor, the Sticky Resin will make three pieces of Rubber, but it may be cooked in a furnace for one. Rubber Wood may be used for crafting wooden planks, but will only yield 3 of those as opposed to 4 planks per regular (oak, pine, etc.) wood. However, if you cook the rubber wood it can be turned into jungle wood and subsequently used as normal. Rubber Wood may also be used to craft Booze Barrels or put in an Extractor for one Rubber. When destroying a tree, the wood may also yield a single sticky resin when broken. Their leaves have a small chance of dropping a Rubber Tree Sapling. If they do drop one, it can be used to plant another rubber tree, or for making rum.

The minimal tree height is 2, and the max is 8. Every log has a 25% chance of having a resin deposit, max 3 holes per tree. Resin holes may randomly respawn after the old hole is removed on the tree.

Additionally, it should be noted that Rubber Wood cannot be moved by sticky pistons.

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