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The Rift Blade is part of the Dimensional Doors Mod by Stevenrs11. It is used to place temporary doors over rifts. You can also teleport to every entity within 8,5 Blocks. You can press and hold right click, then release, to open a temporary pocket dimension. If any entity enters this rift, the rift closes and the entity is permanently gone. Right clicking on a dimensional door with the Rift Blade will adjust the orientation or position of the door. 


Crafting GUI.png

Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl

Rift Remover

Rift Blade

Raw Materials Needed
3 Grid Ender Pearl Ender Pearl
4 Grid Gold Ingot Gold Ingot

Known Bugs

  • Any sword or enchanted book can repair the blade as if it was a material of the sword in a anvil.

Video Tutorials


File:Wylker Spotlights Minecraft Dimensional Doors tutorial

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