In Tekkit Lite, there are different types of Power Systems. The various mods within Tekkit Lite make use of several different power systems that have a mixed degree of compatibility. 

Power Systems

Power Systems by Mod
Mod Power System Name
BuildCraft Minecraft Joules (MJ)
Industrial Craft 2 Energy Unit (EU)
RedPower 2 Blutricity
Factorization Charge

NOTE : MineFactory Reloaded can make use of either Energy Units (EU) or Minecraft Joules (MJ).

Power Conversion

Converting from one system to another is as simple as putting the right block in line of your circuit, if the right block exists. There may be some power loss across some of the blocks, see their individual descriptions for more details.  The table below provides the blocks to convert from the system on the left to the column on the right.

Power Conversion
Power System Minecraft Joules (MJ) Energy Unit (EU) Blutricity Charge
Minecraft Joules (MJ) N/A Power Converters - **
Energy Unit (EU) Power Converters N/A - **
Blutricity Blulectric Engine * N/A *, **
Charge ** ** - N/A

* means you need more machines for conversion. You can use a Blulectric Engine, a lava fabricator and a geothermal generator to convert Blutricity to EU.

** means you need an Factorization Producer or an Factorization Consumer, both are uncraftable without cheating

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