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Power Armor Torso

Power Armor Torso

Type Armor
Stackable No
Added by Modular Powersuits

The Power Armor Torso is the second piece of the complete Modular Powersuits. Each piece provides its own set of abilities and bonuses. Like all parts of Power Armor, it has to be tinkered with in the Power Armor Tinker Table.





  • Elite Battery - Integrate the most advanced battery to store an extensive amount of energy. Requires 1 HV Capacitor to install.


  • Glider - Tack on some wings to turn downward into forward momentum. Press sneak+forward while falling to activate. Requires 2 Glider Wings to install.
  • Parachute - Add a parachute to slow your descent. Activate by pressing sneak (defaults to Shift) in midair. Requires 2 Parachutes to install.
  • Jetpack - A jetpack should allow you to jump indefinitely, or at least until you run out of power. Requires 4 Ion Thrusters to install.

NOTE : The Jetpack upgrade can cause the player to be kicked from servers that are not set to allow flight. This can be fixed by changing "Allow_Flight" to "True" in the file.



  • Citizen Joe Style - An Alternative armor texture, c/o CitizenJoe of IC2 forums. Requires nothing to install.



Power Armor Torso Tinker Table GUI


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