The Power Armor Tinker Table is the centerpiece of the Power Armor Mod. This table is where you may enhance your individual armor pieces and power tool by adding modules to them. It is also where you can change the settings on certain modules.


Unique Upgrades

Power Armor Head

  • Night Vision (Special): Allows you to see clearly in the dark and underwater. (It just keeps refreshing the 24 second Night Vision Potion while active.)
  • Flight Control (Special): Adds the ability to descend straight down, like creative mode flight, simply by pressing a key. ("Z" by default).
  • Solar Generator (Energy): Generates constant power to charge your power suits batteries. Efficiency is at its best during the daytime of course.
  • Auto-Feeder (Environment): Whenever you're hungry, this module will grab the bottom-left-most food item from your inventory and feed it to you, storing the rest for later. (Whenever it is activated, you'll see a message in chat letting you know what food item was eaten.)
  • Water Electrolyzer (Environment): Allows longer breathing underwater. When you run out of air, this module will jolt the water around you, electrolyzing a small bubble to breathe from. (Upon activation, this uses 1000 joules and refreshes your air bar. While you have energy in your suit, you can swim underwater indefinitely.)

Power Armor Torso

  • Active Camouflage (Special): Toggle on to give yourself the effect of an Invisibility Potion. Do notice that like said potion, equipped items will still be visible. This is less of a problem as you can toggle the armor itself to be invisible as well.
  • Glider (Movement): Tack on some wings to turn downward into forward momentum. Press sneak + forward while falling to activate. ("Shift" + "W" by default).
  • Parachute (Movement): Add a parachute to slow your descent. Activate by pressing sneak in mid-air. ("Shift" by default).
  • Jetpack (Movement): Allows you to fly long distances. (Add the flight control to the helmet for more control.)

Power Armor Legs

  • Kinetic Generator (Energy): Generate power to charge your suits batteries by simply moving forward. (Please note this is a very heavy module, adds 4 kg.)
  • Sprint Assist (Movement): Walk and sprint faster than normal for a nominal energy cost. You can customize exactly how much assist.
  • Jump Assist (Movement): Allows you jump higher than normal. You can customize exactly how high.
  • Swim Assist (Movement): Do you hate moving so slow in water? Adds this module to gain the potential for super fast speed underwater.
  • Uphill Step Assist (Movement): With this module installed, 1m block differences will act like slabs. Makes getting around caves require less jumping.

Power Armor Feet

  • Shock Absorber (Movement): With these installed, these can absorb anywhere from some to all fall damage, depending on the quantity of energy you set aside for them.
  • Jet Boots (Movement): Does the same as a Jetpack, but isn't quite as effective. (Little known fact: Thrust with the Jet Boots is additive with the Jetpack. That is, they work together to fly faster than either would alone.)

Power Tool

  • Plasma Cannon (Weapon): Launches a plasma ball at enemies.
  • Melee Assist (Weapon): Makes your punches do more damage.
  • Railgun (Weapon): Launch an unspecified projectile at enemies with enormous force. Heavy recoil.
  • In-Place Assembler (Special): 3x3 Crafting Table on the go!
  • Blink Drive (Special): Instantly teleport to where your cursor is pointed.
  • Diamond Drill (Special): This module is needed if you wish to mine obsidian with the power tool.
  • Aqua Affinity (Special): Reduces the speed penalty for using the tool underwater.
  • Shovel (Tool): Allows you to use the power tool like a shovel.
  • Pickaxe (Tool): Allows you to use the power tool like a pickaxe.
  • Axe (Tool): Allows you to use the power tool like an axe.

General Upgrades


  • Iron Plating: Is heavy but gives out a shield which isn't as heavy as armor, but uses Kilowatts to make the shield.


  • Basic Battery (Modular Powersuits): Doesn't weight much, but also doesn't give you a lot of storage room for Kilowatts.
  • Elite Battery (Modular Powersuits): The best battery you can get, but also the heaviest.
  • Advanced Battery (Modular Powersuits): Allows a greater storage then a basic battery, but doesn't add too much weight.


  • Transparent Armor: Your armor doesn't show up for other people or yourself
  • Hologram: You will be able to customize your armor with any colour.
  • Citizen Joe Style: An alternative armor texture, c/o CitizenJoe of IC2 forums.


There is a unconfirmed bug where if the graphics card drivers don't support OpenGL 2.0+ the Power Armour Tinker Table wont render properly and be completely white.


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