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Phased Transport Pipe

Phased Transport Pipe

Type Pipes
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID 4291
Added by BuildCraft

The Phased Transport Pipe is a pipe added by Buildcraft that is used to teleport items from one spot to another. This can be useful if transporting items long distances, but the cost (8 diamonds) is high. The Phased Transport Pipe can be crafted into a Phased Conductive Pipe or a Phased Waterproof Pipe, allowing for transport of buildcraft energy or liquids over long distances. It will teleport items across Mystcraft Ages, so long as a chunk loader of some kind is in the Mystcraft age and the overworld. It does not connect to most blocks, requiring another Transport Pipes in between. Some people prefer to utilize an Ender Chest or a Tesseract instead of Phased Transport Pipes, with the latter being an alternative to Phased Conductive Pipes and Phased Waterproof Pipes as well.


Note: The recipe below is for the Assembly Table, which currently has no Template on the wiki. The Assembly Table requires energy in the form of buildcraft MJ (minecraft joules) to work. IMPORTANT: The recipe calls for two Diamond Tranport Pipes, which cannot be shown properly in the Template below. 


Phased Waterproof Pipe

Phased Conductive Pipe


Tekkit Lite Tutorial - Buildcraft Pipes-0 50:08

Tekkit Lite Tutorial - Buildcraft Pipes-0

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Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - Remotely Transport Items, Liquids, and Power

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