The Phased Conductive Pipe is a pipe designed to remotely transport power generated by BuildCraft machines. It can be configured to broadcast or send/receive power to a specific channel/wavelength anywhere, as long as the chunk is loaded.


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Phased Transport Pipe

Phased Conductive Pipe


The Phased Conductive Pipe can be used to transfer power from your far-away generators to your storage system. For example, you live in a Tundra, and you need MJ. So, you can find a desert biome, setup an Refinery there, then use the Phased Conductive Pipe to transfer the power home.

Advantage/Disadvantage over Energy Tesseract

When you use the Phased Conductive Pipe to transport power from generators to storage, there isn't any issue. But when you use it to transfer power from storage to consumers, a problem prevails. If the power isn't consumed constantly, the energy will accumulate and eventually explode due to the Wooden Conductive Pipe continously drawing power (from the Redstone Energy Cell). However this can be avoid by creating a loop to send power back to storage when power isn't used. Another way is to use a Switch Conductive Pipe in conjunction with a gold AND gate from an Assembly Table and configure the gate to emit a redstone signal, when the attached storage is full / the machine's work is done, which will activate and disconnect the Switch Conductive Pipe.

Besides this pipe, the Thermal Expansion's Energy Tesseract can also be used to transport MJ. It has a downside that 25% of power will be lost while transporting.

Video Tutorial

File:Tekkit Lite - Buildcraft - Tutorial - Remote Power Core
File:Tekkit Lite - Buildcraft - Tutorial - High Speed Quarries-0
File:Tekkit Lite Tutorial - Buildcraft Pipes-1371839240


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