The OD Scanner (Ore Density Scanner) is a tool that helps the player determine a relative amount of valuable resources. The OD Scanner can also be inserted into a Miner to give it a mining area of 5x5. Note that this device can be crafted into an improved, but more expensive and power-hungry version, the OV Scanner.



The OD Scanner is operated by activating it in a quickslot and right clicking with it. The Scanner scans all blocks in a 5x5 square, with the player in the middle. It evaluates all the blocks below player's position. Every valuable resource block adds 1 to the density of the area. After the scan, the total Ore Density in an area is then calculated according to the following formula:

OreDensity = 1000*TotalDensity/TotalBlocksScanned, where TotalBlocksScanned is the total amount of blocks below the player. In this case, it is equal to 25x scan height. The result is rounded down to the nearest integer and output on player's screen.

Crafting GUI.png

Glowstone Dust

Gold Cable

Glowstone Dust

Advanced Circuit

OD Scanner

Glowstone Dust

Gold Cable

OV Scanner


Every usage drains 48 EU, and with the total storage of 10 000 EU, this means that the OD Scanner can be used 211 times before having to be recharged. It can be recharged in the BatBox, the MFE Unit, or the MFS Unit.

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