With this attachment module you can play music with your cart. When the cart passes over a vanilla Detector Rail it will start the music.


Crafting GUI.png

Note Block

Note Block

Wooden Planks



Note Block

Note Block

Wooden Planks

Note Sequencer


Modular Cost 30
Construction Time 7m 24s


Note Sequenser Interface Main

The two grey bars are scroll bars.


Note Sequenser Interface Tracks

  • 1st button is used to add new tracks where you add the notes, with multiple tracks you can make more advanced songs.
  • 2nd button is used to remove the most bottom one of the tracks.
  • 3rd button is used to set the delay between each note. The available delays are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 13. Default is 2.


Adding, removing and volume

Note Sequenser Interface Add Notes

  • 1st button is used to add new notes the row/track it's on.
  • 2nd button is to remove the last note in that row/track.
  • 3rd button is the set the volume on the notes for that row/track. The available volumes is: Muted, Low, Medium and High.

Sound settings

Note Sequenser Interface Set Notes

  • 1st button is to remove the sound from a note.
  • 2nd to 5th button is the different sounds.

The Instruments from the different colors are listed below.

Color Sound
Red Piano
Green Bass Drum
Blue Snare Drum
Yellow Sticks
Cyan Bass Guitar


Note Sequenser Interface Notes

There is notes available from A to F# in two octaves. In the Image above there is a Piano note F#, a Bass Drum note C, a Snare Drum note F#, a Sticks note C and a Bass Guitar F#. The gray note is not set to a sound and will therefore not be played. There will be a delay for the amount of time a note takes to play instead. To change the tone played by a specific note, be sure you have the Sound Settings instrument selector de-selected, then click or right-click on the note to change its tone.

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