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Type Weapons
Stackable No
Item ID 11551
Added by Balkon's Weapon Mod

The Musket is operated much like a bow, and comes from Balkon's Weapon Mod. The musket uses musket rounds to shoot. A bayonet can be attached to it. The musket can shoot 63 musket rounds before breaking. 

When a round is shot you require a 2 seconds delay to reload. In Creative mode, ammunition is not required to shoot the musket.

Holding right mouse button reloads it, and when loaded, holding right mouse button increases aim.


Damage ValuesEdit

A well aimed shot does well over 10 Hearts damage.A stab with a bayonet does 3 1/2 Hearts damage.

Aimed Shot - 10+ Hearts

Bayonet Stab - 3 1/2 Hearts.


Musket with Bayonet


Musket Round

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