The Monitor for RedPower 2 provides a display along with keyboard input to a Central Processing Unit. To use it: place it next to a CPU, and attach a Disk Drive to the CPU and put a FORTH Boot Disk into the disk drive. Then start the computer up via the CPU and then you can open up the Monitor, where you can then enter code.


Crafting GUI.png




Wooden Planks

Lime Lumar

Ribbon Cable

Wooden Planks

Red-Doped Wafer

Wooden Planks

Monitor (RedPower)

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    • Something iv noticed is when i craft the computer set up correctly and set it up correctly (CPU with the disk drive next to it, monitor on t...
    • When you type IOX! do you add any arguments or just that? Also commands are case sensitive.
  • Bugs

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    • You want the Disk Drive next to the CPU, not the Monitor. So, to clarify: Monitor > CPU > Disk Drive, and behind the CPU you want a cou...
    • You need a FORTH boot disk, not a blank floppy.  Put in the boot disk before starting up the computer, or restart it after putting one in. Bl...

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