The Magma Crucible is a Thermal Expansion machine which uses MJs to melt various blocks into either Lava or Water. It also melts Redstone into Molten Redstone and Ender Pearls into Molten Ender.

The Magma Crucible will automatically pump out any generated liquid into waterproof piping with no engine required, providing the piping is connected to an orange output face.


Crafting GUI.png

Nether Brick



Machine Frame

Redstone Reception Coil

Nether Brick


Magma Crucible

Block Usage List

Input Output Cost (MJ) Quantity (mB)
Redstone Molten Redstone 1200 MJ 25 mB
Snowball x4 Water 60 MJ 500 mB
Snow Water 60 MJ 500 mB
Ice Water 120 MJ 1000 mB
Netherrack Lava 12000 MJ 1000 mB
Cobblestone Lava 24000 MJ 1000 mB
Stone Lava 24000 MJ 1000 mB
Obsidian Lava 24000 MJ

1000 mB

Ender Pearl Molten Ender 2500 MJ 250 mB


Magma Crucible GUI

Energy & Config


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