The MFFS Directional Extender is an MFFS upgrade that extends the force field generated with a Directional Forcefield Projector by one or more blocks to the side. This upgrade modifies the Directional Forcefield Projector . This is useful for projecting a forcefield around an object while not having the forcefield core inside the field. Suggested use may be around a Nuclear Reactor, so that if an explosion occurs, the forcefield core is outside of the forcefield, eliminating any chance of damage caused by the explosion.


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy


Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

MFFS directional extender


Placed on the side or in diagonal of a Directional Projector, it will extend the projector's field. Its GUI allows for the selection of the distance to extend this effect from the projector in the direction of the extender. A setting of "0" on the GUI will not extend the field beyond the Directional Extender block, resulting in 2 block wide field (from the projector and the extender blocks). The default is "1", which will produce a 3 block wide field (extending it beyond the Extender block by 1).

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With and without extender

Video Tutorial


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