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ME Export Bus

ME Export Bus

Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID 901
Added by Applied Energistics

The ME Export Bus extracts items from an ME Network and adds them to the attached inventory. You must configure which items it will insert, or it will not do anything. You can also configure it to send single items, or stacks of items, as well as configure it to function on different redstone signals.

Configuration Options
Redstone Options:

  • Export when not receiving redstone signal.
  • Export when receiving redstone signal.
  • Export on redstone pulse.
  • Export reguardless of redstone signals.

Output Controls:

  • Export single items.
  • Export stacks.
  • Export stored items one at a time, or craft..
  • Only craft, do not use storage.


Iron Ingot

ME Cable

ME Interface


Iron Ingot

ME Export Bus


Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - Applied Energistics - Part 3 - Autocrafting, Wireless, and Mod Interfacing22:32

Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - Applied Energistics - Part 3 - Autocrafting, Wireless, and Mod Interfacing

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