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LV Transformer ig

The LV Transformer.

The Low Voltage Transformer is used to turn medium voltage EU current into low voltage and vice versa. This is useful for powering basic machines from an MFE Unit.

(HV is 129-512 EU/packet)

(MV is 33-128 EU/packet)

(LV is 12-32 EU/packet)

MV current must be wired into the Medium Voltage face (the 3-dotted one), while LV current can be wired into any other face. By default, the Transformer outputs LV current. A Redstone signal must be applied to it in order to make it reverse flow, thereby emitting MV current from the Medium Voltage face (the 3-dotted one).


Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks

Copper Cable


Copper Cable

Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks

LV Transformer

Raw Materials Needed (1 Lv Transformer)
4 Grid Oak Wood Planks Wooden Planks
4 (6 to complete crafting) Grid Copper Copper
2 Grid Rubber Rubber


When using any Transformer, remember that the 3-dotted side means Higher Voltage and the 1-dotted sides mean lower voltage. You can change the direction the 3-dotted side is facing by right-clicking a 1-dotted face with a Wrench or ​Prototype OmniWrench  .

Converting to LV:

In order to convert from MV to LV, you must point the cable carrying MV from an MV Transformer or MFE Unit to the 3-dotted side and then link a cable to one of the sides with a single dot. Then that cable will be carrying LV that you can safely link to machines or store in a BatBox.

Converting to MV:

In order to convert from LV to MV, point the cable carrying LV from a BatBox or a Generator to one of the one-dotted sides and then link a cable that can carry MV from the 3-dotted side. Don't forget to apply Redstone to the LV Transformer.


Input 128 or 32
Output 32 or 128
Storage -

Video Tutorials

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