A knife has half the durability of a sword and does less damage. It has a small knockback and can be crafted without a workbench.

By right clicking, you can toss the knife like a throwing knife, causing damage to any entity you might hit, the knife can be picked up similarly to an arrow that hit a block.

The knife can be crafted from any of the vanilla weapon materials, i.e. wood, stone, iron, gold and diamonds.

Damage Values

Wood: 3 Damage (1 1/2 Hearts)

Stone: 5 Damage (2 1/2 Hearts)

Iron: 7 Damage (3 1/2 Hearts)

Diamond: 9 Damage (4 1/2 Hearts)

Gold: 3 Damage (1 1/2 Hearts) Has bigger knockback.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot



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