The Jetpack is a piece of armor added by Industrial Craft 2, worn in the Torso slot of the inventory. By holding the jump key, the Jetpack allows the user to sustain flight in one of two modes until the Jetpack's fuel supply is exhausted. It takes about 60 seconds of continuous flight for a full Jetpack to deplete its fuel supply. The Jetpack requires refuelling in a Canning Machine, using either six Biofuel Cells or Coalfuel Cells.

The normal flying mode of the Jetpack provides no cushioning for a long fall, so care must be taken not to die while using the Jetpack. Holding the M key and flying will switch the Jetpack into Hover Mode, which does not allow upward flight, but will slow descents to where the user will take no fall damage.

The Jetpack is best compared to the Electric Jetpack, which works in nearly the same way, but requires EU rather than refuelling. This makes it much easier and cheaper to recharge. In addition, the Electric Jetpack's Hover Mode allows for upward flight as well. The only advantage the normal Jetpack has over the Electric Jetpack is the height limits at which it works. The Jetpack works up to Y=244 in the Overworld and Y=116 in the Nether, while the Electric Jetpack only works up to Y=185 in the Overworld and Y=85 in the Nether.


Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Refined Iron


Electronic Circuit

(Empty) Fuel Can

Refined Iron

Refined Iron



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