The Item Router is used to sort items on Conveyor Belts, much like a BuildCraft Diamond Pipe is used to sort items in pipes. 


The Item Router can accept inputs from BuildCraft Pipes, RedPower2 Tubes, and Applied Energistics ME Networks. However, the Item Router will only output to the air, an adjacent inventory, or a BuildCraft pipe.

To output item to RedPower2 Tubes, conect it to Relay directly or with BC pipe.

Item routers can pull things off of Conveyor Belts placed on top of them if that item has a valid route in the router.

Due to the ability of the Item Router to output items to the air, the top of the Item Router is a valid input but not output to avoid items bouncing in and out forever.

If an item is encountered that is not configured to a route, it will be output to a direction that is not set to route any items, selected randomly. For example, to route out cobblestone from a Quarry, place an Item Router above a pit of lava and place cobblestone in black, then something unlikely to be encountered such as a Redstone Torch in two other routes (ignoring the input route). Everything else will be output from the remaining colour.


Item Router Interface
The colored slots in the Item Router GUI correspond to the colored faces of the five possible outputs for the Item Router. The Item Router cannot be rotated with a Precision Sledgehammer to change the color of each facing.


Crafting GUI.png

Plastic Sheets

Redstone Repeater

Plastic Sheets


Factory Machine Block

Plastic Sheets

Redstone Repeater

Item Router


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