IC2 Advanced Repulsion Systems adds two major items: the Industrial Tesla Coil and the Forcefield Core, as well as numerous machines and components to support each one.

Forcefields can be used to create forcefields underwater, above ground, or underground that repel or contain things like mobs, water, lava and even other players.

Industrial Tesla Coils are an extremely advanced version of Telsa Coil that can be configured to do anything from killing all creepers near your base to destroying enemy players (even those wearing quantum armor) and subsequently ingesting their valuables before they can run back and retrieve them.

Industrial Telsa Coils also have the ability to work with Forcefields and are able to, for example, target any animals inside a forcefield, target any players outside the forcefield, target items contained inside a forcefield or any combination of the various tokens that can configure an Industrial Tesla Coil


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