The Grinder is a machine added by Factorization, mainly used to turn ores into ore gravel in order to increase the yield of metals.

The Grinder requires Charge to run. 11 Reflective Mirrors are needed to get the Grinder started. Once it is running at full speed, it only needs half the power.

Despite being extremely slow, the Grinder provides the highest yield for Iron Ore, Tin Ore, Copper OreSilver Ore, Gold OreCoal Ore and Diamond Ore when followed up with the Mixer, Slag Furnace, Crystallizer and smelting in this order. Coal Ore and Diamond Ore can be obtained using the Silk Touch enchantment on a pickaxe, or more easily by processing Nether Coal Ore and Nether Diamond Ore in an Induction Smelter.


Crafting GUI.png

Lead Ingot




Diamond Cutting Head


Lead Ingot




The Motor and the Diamond Cutting Head can be switched.


Changing Common Blocks

Cobblestone -> Gravel

Gravel -> Sand

Grass Block -> Dirt

Mycelium -> Dirt

Stone -> Cobblestone

Direct Output

Percentages refer to the yield after grinding.

Coal Ore -> Coal (350%)

Diamond Ore -> Diamond (225%)

Lapis Lazuli Ore -> Lapis Lazuli (800%)

Redstone Ore -> Redstone (650%)

Unique Output

Refer to Dirty Gravel for more information.

If smelted at this stage, all dirty gravel has a yield of 100% in a normal furnace and 142% in a Slag Furnace. The Grinder is the only machine that can produce dirty gravel.

Copper Ore -> Dirty Copper Gravel

Gold Ore -> Dirty Gold Gravel

Iron Ore -> Dirty Iron Gravel

Silver Ore -> Dirty Galena Gravel

Tin Ore -> Dirty Tin Gravel

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