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The Geothermal Generator is an Industrial Craft 2 machine used to generate EU from lava. The primary advantage of this generator is that it won't use up fuel unless it's providing energy to a machine or storage device. For example, if a Geothermal Generator is connected to a Macerator, it will only use up fuel if the Macerator needs energy. This is contrary to the normal Generator, which will burn up its fuel constantly.


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Refined Iron






Refined Iron

Geothermal Generator


The Geothermal Generator can receive lava through a variety of mediums. Lava Buckets or Lava Cells can be placed in the bottom part of the machine to add lava to the machine's own lava storage. Or lava can be pumped into the machine from any side through Waterproof Pipes. Note that lava crafted with UU-Matter can not be directly used in the Geothermal Generator; instead, it has to be placed in a Lava Bucket first.

Energy produced by the machine can be obtained just like a normal Generator. Simply connect a machine or storage device to the generator by placing it on one of the generator's six sides or by using cables. RE-Batteries and Electric Tools can also be placed in the top part of the machine to be charged.

Note: Ultra-Low-Current Cable will be destroyed if used to carry the power produced by a Geothermal Generator.

The Geothermal Generator has a maximum power output of 20 EU/t.  This makes it twice as fast as a Generator.  However, it will only produce 20,000 EU per Lava Bucket or Lava Cell.

As mentioned before, the Geothermal Generator has its own lava storage, which can hold up to 24 Lava Buckets or Lava Cells. . This means that it can store up to 480,000 EU as lava, but it would take 20 minutes, at maximum output, to convert that stored lava into actual EU.

At maximum output, this generator will consume a bucket of lava every 50 seconds.


For further information on how to use them well take a look at this page: Producing Power from Lava

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