This is the most advanced drill. It's incredibly expensive to both craft and build. However, it is a superb drill, as it mines a huge 9x9 tunnel at lightning speeds.


Crafting GUI.png

Galgadorian Metal

Diamond Block

Galgadorian Metal

Enhanced Galgadorian Metal

Hardened Drill

Enhanced Galgadorian Metal

Enhanced Galgadorian Metal

Galgadorian Drill

The total raw material cost of this item, starting from scratch, is as follows:

  • 191 Diamonds

180 Magma Cream

140 Obsidian

64 Iron Ingots

90 Fermented Spider Eyes

90 Ghast Tears

45 Eyes of Ender

45 Glowstone

This recipe leaves one extra lump of galgador. 


Modular Cost 150
Construction Time 4h 15m 23s
Tool Type Drill
Mining Size 9x9
Mining Speed 50

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