The Fertilizer is added by the MineFactory Reloaded mod. Like most MFR Machines , it runs on either BuildCraft or Industrial Craft 2 power. The Fertilizer provides nutrients to any plants that are growing in a 3x3 area in front of it. It uses either Industrial Fertilizer, Fertilizer (Industrial Craft 2) or Bone Meal(If activated).

Like the Planter, Harvester, the Fertilizer affects all vanilla plants that can be affected by bone meal (wheat, melons, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, trees of all kinds, and cocoa), as well as flax.


Proper location of Fertilizer


Crafting GUI.png

Plastic Sheets


Plastic Sheets

Glass Bottle

Factory Machine Block

Plastic Sheets


Fertilizer (MFR)

Raw Materials Needed (2 Glass Bottles, 1 Plastic Sheed and 2 Factory Machine Blocks left over)
8 Grid Rubber Rubber
3 Grid Stone Stone
2 Grid Leather Leather
3 Grid Glass Glass



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