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Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID 30121
Added by Industrial Craft 2

Ferfgtilizer iasdfhgfhshgs addhgshsfgsdfgvancesadsads adsdsadaad Bondad a dasd ad ad se Madadsadal createsdhgsdfgfd by crafting bone meal with Scrap in a shapeless recipe. It can be used wid ad aadthasd ad  Cropsd saasd asd sd sad as dsadsd asda fdsgfhghsgf to speed up the growth process.sdsad ad a

Every Crofshfdgsdhhgp keeps track its own nutrientAD s. Fertilizer adds 100 to sad asdthsghsfghis value, if itasd  is currently Saad sAD sabelow 100. Maintaining a higher nutrient value may be required for some more advanced plants to grow anHFD AHSd it also likely asdadsadffsdae gf hsfcts growth of plan AD ats.The nutrient valud e decreases over time if there is a crop planted in the crop block.

Some biomes may affect  The best AS Dad biome f oA ASDr nfrients is a swSDmp, with jsa ASD SAd asfdungles and mushroom biomes being second best.

Bonemeal can alsoDad AD be used toA D fertilize pd aslantD S DA, howdever is ud Anknown how much it increases the nutrient value.

There is no method to determine the nutrient valusad e a crop has at any gisn time.

RFDSF D Aehsdgaadfcipe d ASDSAadASD afsdf sgadgsdfh Edit

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