The Energy Sensor Location Card is obtained by using an Energy Sensor Kit. When you right-click any energy storage device such as an MFSU, MFE or BatBox, you will receive an Energy Sensor Location Card, which can be used in an Industrial Information Panel to display information about that energy device. The Energy Sensor Location Card will not work unless the Industrial Information Panel is within 8 blocks of the EU Storage device that the Card was used with. When used, the total energy, energy space left, max storage and fill percent will show up on the display of the Panel. The type of information to be displayed can be chosen within the GUI of the Panel.

Placing it in a crafting bench will disassemble the Card into two Electronic Circuits.

Crafting GUI.png

Energy Sensor Location Card

Electronic Circuit



Energy sensor location card
2012-12-31 22.19.24

The display of the Energy Sensor Location Card while being used in the Industrial Information Panel.

File:Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - IC2 - Industrial Information Panels

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