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The Electric Wrench is an Electric Tool used to remove IndustrialCraft 2 Machines, and to change the output direction of IndustrialCraft 2 energy (EU) storage blocks and the input direction of voltage transformers. This wrench never breaks; instead it consumes EU and needs to be charged in an EU Generator or an EU storage device, such as a BatBox, Charging Bench, MFE, MFSU, BatPack, or LapPack.

As an upgrade from the Wrench (IndustrialCraft), it ensures that the machine being removed will not revert to a Machine Block, if this wrench is set to 'lossless' mode.

Modes and Energy Consumption

To toggle between modes, hold down M then press "Right Click". Note: You may need to change the hotkey bindings for Rei's Minimap to something other than M, which it uses by default as it's menu key. To do this, simply press M, click keyconfig, select a different key for the Menu key and press OK. 

Electric Wrench Modes
EU per use Success Probability

10,000 EU (20% chance)

500 EU (80% chance)

100% overall
Normal 500 EU 80%

Lossless mode has a 100% chance of returning the machine intact and not as a Machine Block, however when used to pick up a machine would have otherwise been reverted to a machine block, much more EU is used than when picking up a machine that would have been picked up successfully with lossless mode disabled. This allows a user to spot exactly when a picked up machine would otherwise have been destroyed, as almost all the EU stored will disappear from the Wrench on that use. Attempting to use the Electric Wrench on any machine-based block when you have less than full charge will display an error message in chat.

Normal mode (displayed as 'lossless mode disabled') has the same 20% risk of reverting a machine to a machine block as a non-electric wrench, but will only ever consume 500 EU per use.

The Electric Wrench consumes 50 EU each time it changes the output direction of an EU storage block or voltage transformer.


Crafting GUI.png

RE Battery

Electronic Circuit

Wrench (IndustrialCraft)

Electric Wrench

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Tekkit Lite Tutorials 010 Deutsch HD - IC 2 Basics - Wrench

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