The Electric Jetpack is a piece of armor added by Industrial Craft 2. It's the upgraded form of the Jetpack and requires recharging in an EU storage device or a generator. It holds 30,000 EU and is worn in the Torso slot of the inventory.

In addition to its normal flying mode, the Electric Jetpack has a toggleable Hover Mode, which can be accessed by holding M while flying. Hover Mode slows the ascent and descent of the player, and with it on, the player cannot take fall damage.

Compared to the regular Jetpack, the Electric Jetpack is much easier to recharge and lasts between three and six times longer in flight. Whereas the Jetpack requires Biofuel or Coalfuel Cells and the Canning Machine with which to refuel the Jetpack, the Electric Jetpack can be recharged in any device that generates or stores EU. The Jetpack's only advantage is the maximum height at which it works; the Jetpack works up to Y=244 in the Overworld and Y=116 in the Nether, while the Electric Jetpack only works up to Y=185 in the Overworld and Y=85 in the Nether.

The Electric Jetpack uses 7 EU/t while in operation. The LV Solar Hat generates just enough EU to keep the Electric Jetpack charged infinitely, provided the Electric Jetpack is being used outside.


Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Glowstone Dust

Advanced Circuit


Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Glowstone Dust

Electric Jetpack

Raw Materials
2 Grid Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli
12 Grid Tin Tin
12 Grid Redstone Redstone
9 Grid Rubber Rubber
6 Grid Copper Copper
5 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
5 Grid Oak Wood Planks Wooden Planks
4 Grid Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust

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