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The Electric Jetpack is an alternative to the Jetpack and stores 30,000 EU. It uses the Jump key (default: Space) to jetpack you up into the air. The Electric Jetpack can be recharged in a BatBox, MFE Unit, MFS Unit, Solar Panel, Windmill, Water Mill, LV Solar Array, MV Solar Array, HV Solar Array or alternatively by an equipped Solar Helmet and Static Boots.

It also has a "Hover mode" which allows you to rise and lower slowly and carefully, and can be accessed by holding Jump and pressing the Mode Switch key (default: M). As of Tekkit version 3.1.2, all fall damage can be stopped by enabling hover mode or descending to the ground slowly, therefore eliminating the need for Rubber Boots.

Comparison between the standard Jetpack and the Electric Jetpack
Regular Jetpack Electric Jetpack
Crafting The recipes for the two jetpacks are similar, however the Electric Jetpack requires Glowstone Dust, which is difficult or expensive to obtain early in the game.
Refueling To refuel the Jetpack, you need Bio or Coalfuel Cells, both of which are complicated and time consuming to create, requiring many complex machines, as well as a Canning Machine to finally even use them to charge the Jetpack. Alternatively, you can retrieve Oil, Refine it into Fuel, then use a Jetpack Fueller on a Tank to fill up. The Electric Jetpack only needs to be charged. It can be charged by any source of EU, even basic things such as RE Batteries, a BatBox, Solar Panels, or a Generator.
Flight Time 0:55 - 1:05, depending on fuel. 3:30, or 6:15 when Hover Mode is turned on.
Hover Mode Descends slowly, even while holding jump. This means you have to constantly toggle your hover mode off to rise then back on to fall. Rises slowly when jump is held.
Height cap Overworld: 244

Nether: 116

Overworld: 185

Nether: 85

In Combination with Solar Helmet

A Solar Helmet charges 20 EU per second and an Electric Jetpack consumes approximately 143 EU per second in constant flight. This effectively means that the Electric Jetpack consumes 123 EU per second, increasing your total flight time from 3:30 to 4:45 during the day. If you spend about 7 seconds walking for every 1 second flown, a Solar Helmet can sustain an Electric Jetpack without a need for another power source.

Raw Materials

2 Lapis Lazuli

5 Refined Iron

4 Glowstone Dust

12 Redstone

6 Copper

9 Rubber

5 Wood

12 Tin


Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Glowstone Dust

Advanced Circuit


Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Glowstone Dust

Electric Jetpack

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