The EMP Upgrade is an upgrade machine used in conjunction with an Industrial Tesla Coil.

When connected to an Industrial Tesla Coil it will use its stored EU to drain power from its target's armor (e.g. a player wearing QuantumSuit Armor ).

EMP upgrades, like all other Industrial Tesla Coil upgrades, can be chained together and near-infinitely expanded by the use of an Upgrade Multiplexer. The more of these you chain together the more EU you can drain out of your opponents armor.

Each EMP upgrade connected to the coil will be used in order of highest stored EU first down to the lowest.

Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Glass Fibre Cable

Ender Pearl

Redstone Torch


Glass Fibre Cable

Refined Iron

Glass Fibre Cable

Ender Pearl

EMP Upgrade


Each EMP upgrade can store 2,000,000 EU (can be changed in config file) which is not enough to completely kill a player in full QuantumSuit Armor. However, with the use of an Upgrade Multiplexer you can chain a large number of EMP upgrades together; increasing your pool of EU storage.

EU is drained from both the player and the EMP in a 1:1 ratio. So if it hits a player and does 10,000 EU drain the drain will take 10,000 from the EMP storage and the storage of the players armor.



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