The Diamond Pipe sorts the items that pass through it into colored outputs, configurable by its right-click accessible GUI. Each side of the Diamond Pipe is a different color. They can be connected with up to 6 Pipes, each with a different color. While expensive to craft, they can be worthwhile for players who depend heavily on Quarries or have other heavy duty sorting requirements.

180px-Diamond pipe interface

Pipe Interface

Up to 9 different items can be selected per output, with 5 outputs available (one color is reserved for input). If an item has no match, it will be routed out of a color that has no filter, or if all colors are used the item will be rejected and dropped on the ground.

For example, if you hook one up to a quarry, you can tell the pipe to send coal to your engine by telling it to go through the red end, bring diamonds to your chest through the yellow end, and send cobblestone to your recycler through the blue end. Then, hook up transport pipes to the respective ends and send them to their respective machines.

The Diamond Pipe cannot be Waterproofed.

Rarely, Diamond Pipes experience a client side glitch, causing items to appear leaving the Diamond Pipe in random directions without being sorted, like a normal Stone Pipe would act. The items continue on the Client side until they reach a Chest or similar container. However, opening the chest reveals that all items are sorted correctly after all. The glitch appears on all clients until the server is restarted and does no harm at all.

In the GUI, multiples of the same item can be placed in a single row to affect relative probabilities. For example, if 2 Cobblestone is placed in yellow, and 1 Cobblestone is placed in green, 2/3 of the Cobblestone will go to the yellow output, and 1/3 will go to the green output.

Note: The colors at each end of the pipes actually appear completely randomly. Green and yellow were only used an example above.


Crafting GUI.png




Diamond Transport Pipe


Video Tutorial

File:Tekkit Lite Tutorial - Buildcraft Pipes-1371838292

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