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The Diamond Drill is an upgrade of the Mining Drill. It works as a Pickaxe and a Shovel. It does not have durability; instead of that, it must be charged with EU. It deals 2 damage (1 Heart) every hit. As with vanilla pickaxes, the Diamond Drill can be enchanted in an anvil.

Tips for Usage

The drill uses 80 EU per block mined, and can be charged in a Generator, BatBox, MFE, MFSU and an LV, MV, or HV Charging Bench. It will also accept charge from the batteries in equipped pieces of Modular Powersuits armor. However, without a BatPackLapPack, or Modular Powersuits battery, the Diamond Drill will last for an extremely short time, since it can only hold 10,000 EU. It is highly recommended to bring one of the above (or a few RE Batteries) along in order to recharge your Diamond Drill.


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Mining Drill


Diamond Drill

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