Three Descriptive Books dropped, connected to 3 different 'Ages'

Descriptive Books are items from Mystcraft used to link to Ages written using a Book Binder. You can then use them to travel to their Age, similar to Linking Books.

Crafting a Descriptive Book requires the Book Binder block, a piece of leather, and any combination of symbols or paper.


If you right-click while holding a Descriptive Book, a book-like GUI will come up with a rectangular view port. New Ages will show a black view, while traveled ages show a blue gradient. Clicking the view port will cause you to travel through to the age's default spawn, leaving it on the ground where you used it. While on the ground or a stand, clicking the book icon in the GUI will allow you to place it in your inventory. While on the ground, the linking book can be damaged and ruined by water, such as rain. It can also be right-clicked while on the ground. Descriptive Books can also be placed on Bookstands or Lecterns so they won't easily take damage or despawn, but may still take damage from certain kinds of unstable age.  If Crystal is available, a Book Receptacle can be used to make an Age portal similar to Nether portals.


Before travelling, it is strongly advised to craft multiple Linking Books to your home and carry at least one in your hotbar, should you suddenly find yourself burning alive or exploding off of a platform.

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