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Crystal Chest

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Crystal Chest

Crystal Chest

Type Chests
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID 181:5
Added by Iron Chests

The Crystal Chest is a chest with 108 storage slots, the same as two double chests. This is an extra 81 spaces when compared to a regular Chest.

The Crystal Chest has the same amount of storage slots as a Diamond Chest, but it is also transparent, so the items within it are viewable by the player without having to open the chest. It is compatible with Buildcraft Pipes and Pneumatic Tubes. It requires an iron pickaxe or greater to be collected. Since it offers no storage space upgrade over a Diamond Chest, it is not practical to make a Crystal Chest other than for looks.

Warning: This chest may cause lag on slower computers and servers.


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