This module loads 3x3 chunks around the cart. Chunk loader only works on Reinforced Hull.

ChickenChunks also have a Chunk Loader, which is more easily configurable and about just as expensive.


Crafting GUI.png

Simple PCB

Reinforced Metal

Ender Pearl

Iron Ingot

Advanced PCB

Simple PCB

Reinforced Metal

Chunk Loader


Modular Cost 84
Construction Time 1h 11m 19s
Fuel cost per tick 5


Chunk Loader Interface

To activate the chunk loader you have to open the carts interface and hit the "Activate chunk loading" button as shown. To turn it off hit the "Deactivate chunk loading" button as shown.

  • Left image = "Activate chunk loading"
  • Right image = "Deactivate chunk loading"

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