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RedPower by Eloraam is a mod for minecraft which introduces redstone-like wires, cables, integrated circuits, lights, and more. The RedPower wiki can be found here

Naturally Generated Blocks/Structures






RedPower2's Craftable Blocks

  • Alloy Furnace : The smelting appliance for RedPower2 recipes. It has a 3x3 smelting interface.
  • Red Alloy Wire : A more conductive (16x, or 256 blocks) form of redstone dust that can be placed on any side of a block. They can be color-coded, allowing for greater redstone management.
  • Micro Blocks : Micro Blocks are fractions of regular blocks, occupying half, quarter and eights of a block. They can be placed on non-full blocks for better aesthetics.
  • Logic Circuit : Single block versions of common redstone logic circuits. They include many types of gates and sequencers compacted into one block, making redstone circuitry easier to control.
  • Lighting Blocks : Lighting Blocks are colored versions of Redstone Lamps. While they do not emit colored light, they do have a colored appearance.
  • Array Circuit : Similar to the logic circuits, except they modify incoming redstone signals.
  • RedPower Machines : Machines that use Blutricity to perform many functions, such as moving items around.
  • Support Frame : Allows for blocks to be moved using some RedPower Machines.

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