The Power Converters mod allows users to efficiently convert one form of power to another.

This is achieved by sending power into a Consumer placed next to an Energy Bridge and then drawing the power out of a Producer (also placed next to the Energy Bridge).

Note: As of the latest version of The Factorization Producer and Factorization Consumer are uncraftable without cheating. This is because the crafting recipe was not properly updated and still requires a Solar Turbine, which has itself been made uncraftable, and replaced with the Solar Boiler and Steam Turbine combination.


HV IC2 into BC

Here, an HV Solar Array is being used to power a Powered Furnace

The HV Solar Array is connected to an IC2 HV Consumer placed next to an Energy Bridge. Which, in turn, is connected to a BC Producer. The converted power is then sent to the Furnace via Redstone Energy Conduit .





Exchange rate

PowerConverters 2.x exchange rate is based on the cost to smelt a single item in a furnace. This cost is 390 EU for IndustrialCraft2, and 160 MJ for ThermalExpansion (which is counted as BuildCraft, because the machines also run on MJ, and because the BuildCraft mod itself has no furnace).

This gives a ratio of conversion as follows:

  • IC2 -> BC/TE: 0.41 approx. (LV - 32 EU/t - produces around 13.1 MJ/t)
  • BC/TE -> IC2: 2.44 approx.

Factorization has no directly comparable furnace so the ratio of Charge to EU and MJ has been arbitrarily set:

  • Factorization -> IC2: 254.4 approx.
  • Factorization -> BC/TE: 106.5 approx.

If you think they're too good, or you think one of the power systems is too weak compared to the others, or you want to add a deliberate loss during conversion, just go to the config. You can change the input and output multipliers for all four power systems individually.

These values are applied as such: outputQuantity = inputQuantity * inputScale / outputScale

So if you had 500 MJ to convert to EU, you'd get 500 * 2.44 = 1220 EU.


How To Power a Quarry Using An Energy Bridge - Tekkit Tutorials-136778214501:47

How To Power a Quarry Using An Energy Bridge - Tekkit Tutorials-1367782145

Tekkit Lite How To Power a Quarry Using An Energy Bridge (Tutorial) Minecraft-136663298804:19

Tekkit Lite How To Power a Quarry Using An Energy Bridge (Tutorial) Minecraft-1366632988



When a power converter is placed on a Redpower frame or frame motor, it has a high chance of crashing your game, and a risk of losing the world if you cannot stop the engines from moving. (ex.: a quarry being powered by a solar panel via an energy bridge and is moving because of a redstone timer.)

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