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IronChestsIron Chests is a mod that, despite the name, adds a variety of different chests to the game, in addition to iron chests. They are superior to normal chests, because, while they are single chests only and cannot be combined to create double chests, they can be placed side-by-side and have more capacity than vanilla chests.

Chest Upgrades

In addition to crafting chests using their respective recipes, chest upgrades can also be made. The advantage to a chest upgrade is that you don't need to break a chest (spewing items everywhere) and then place a new one. To use a chest upgrade, right click the chest while holding the upgrade.



Video Tutorials

Tekkit FTB Tutorials Ep12:57

Tekkit FTB Tutorials Ep. 11 Chest, Chests and MORE Chests!

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