The cargo manager is used to transfer items between its internal storage and a cart.

The cargo manager is a block that allows passing carts to load and unload items in the Stevs´s Carts mod. In order to use the cargo manager an advanced detector rail needs to be placed directly beside the cargo manager.


16 Chest Panes will be left over.
Grid Redstone
Grid Iron
Grid Oak Wood
Grid Oak Wood Planks
Wooden Planks


Crafting GUI.png

Large Iron Pane

Huge Iron Pane

Large Iron Pane

Huge Iron Pane

Large Dynamic Pane

Huge Iron Pane

Large Iron Pane

Huge Iron Pane

Large Iron Pane

Cargo Manager


You need an advanced detector rail in front of the cargo manager.


Changing the Operations

The cargo manager's interface shows four large color boxes for each matching side of the box. Clicking on the item inside the large color box instructs the cargo manager on where to place the item. The provided image show the red cart loading the track section of the cart, the yellow cart loading the wood section of the cart, the blue cart loading the chest section of the cart, and the green cart loading the fuel section of the cart.

The Cargo Manager GUI

Option Description
CargoManager Cart

Load/Unload the entire storage of a minecart

CargoManager Engine

Load/Unload fuel, such as Charcoal, Coal, Sapling, Wood, Wooden Plank.

CargoManager rails

Load/Unload the Railer or Large Railer

CargoManager chest

Load/Unload items from the storage of a minecart

CargoManager torch

Load/Unload the Torch Placer

CargoManager dyna

Load/Unload the Dynamite Carrier

CargoManager arrow
Load/Unload the Shooter or Advanced Shooter
CargoManager bridge

Load/Unload the Bridge Builder

CargoManager seeds

Load/Unload the Farmer

CargoManager bone
Load/Unload the Fertilizer
CargoManager water

Load/Unload the Hydrator or Large Hydrator

CargoManager saplings
Load/Unload the Wood Cutter
CargoManager firework
Load/Unload the Firework Display

Changing the Number of Operations

The color of the boxes can also be changed by clicking the small four color square above or below the large color box. This allows for more than one operation per a side, for a max of four operations for one cart.

Changing the Direction of the Cart

The direction of a cart can be changed by clicking the small square box with the plus symbol (+) or U-shaped symbol. The plus symbol means continue with its current direction and the U-shaped symbol means go back the direction it came from.

Continue Return
CargoManager same
Continue the current direction
CargoManager other
Reverse the current direction

Loading and Unloading

Clicking on the large arrows pointing at the large color box changes whether the items are to be loaded onto the cart or offloaded from the cart. The provided image show all four sides of the box are loading onto any passing cart.

Separating Items inside the Cargo Manager

Clicking on the cargo manager in the center of the GUI causes the cargo manager's storage space to separate. The first instance creates four black storage boxes that are completely independent from each other, allowing for items to only be picked up or placed into that area of the cargo manager. The second instance creates four storage boxes that match the color of the large color box, this allows for a sharing of resources and multiple operations from a single side of the cargo manager. Clicking the box a third time merges all the storage boxes back again.

Changing the Quantity loaded or unloaded

Clicking on the text above or below the four large boxes, by default it says MAX, will specify how many items will be transferred between the cart and cargo manager.

Option Description
Max (default) All items
1 I 1 Item
3 I 3 Items
8 I 8 Items
16 I 16 Items
32 I 32 Items
64 I 64 Items
1 S 1 Stack
2 S 2 Stacks
3 S 3 Stacks
5 S 5 Stacks


  • A BuildCraft pipe can be used to take or place items in the cargo manager.

Youtube Tutorial

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