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The BioFuel Generator consumes liquid BioFuel produced by a Bio Reactor. It produces 16 MJ/t, which can be stored or sent using pipes or storage devices like a Redstone Energy Cell or Redstone Energy Conduits.

No external power is required for this machine process the fuel, and a high amount of power is produced at a relatively low cost. It is very profitable to set up a BioFuel Generator at an automated farm to consume excess seeds, thus producing power and removing excess seeds at the same time.


Bio-Reactor & Biofuel Generator ► Machine Tutorials ► MineFactory Reloaded-002:51

Bio-Reactor & Biofuel Generator ► Machine Tutorials ► MineFactory Reloaded-0


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    • It depends on the amount of bio-compound, e.g., saplings, you are feeding to the reactor.
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